Our Aircraft

​​​​​We are proud to serve our passengers and mainline partners with our fleet of Embraer 145 aircraft.  We specialize in ​​serving regional markets that c​an be best served with 50 seat aircraft, and the 50 seat E145, with its airframe developed specifically for regional flying and​ two AE 3007A1 Rolls Royce Turbofan engines, is the perfect fit for our mission.  The E145's 50 seats are configured in a 2 by 1 layout, ​giving​ every passeng​er either a window or an aisle seat.  Additionally, the E145 mini​mizes its environmental impact by generating emissions and noise levels well below established limits.​​

Embraer 145 Fast​ Facts​

Passengers:  50​​

Pilots:  2​​​
Flight Attendants:  1​​​​​

Aircraft Dimensions ​
Length:  98 feet, 0 inches​​​
Height:  22 feet, 2 inches
Wing Span:  ​65 feet, 9 inches​

Interior Dimensions​
Cabin Height:  6 feet, 0 inches
​Cabin Width:  6 feet, 11 inches
Seat Pitch:  ​31 inches​
Max Cruise Speed:  ​450 knots (Mach .78)
​Range:  ​1,590 nautical miles
​Service Ceiling:  37,000 feet​​
Two AE 3007A1 Rolls Royce Turbofans
Engine Thrust:  7,580 lbs

E145 Seating diagram

For additional information regarding the E145 aircraft, please click here​.