Rotor to Wings

Turn Your Helicopter Time into a Commercial Airline Job 

Military rotor pilots only need 750 hours total time, including 250 hours of fixed wing time to achieve R-ATP minimums. 

Are you a military rotor pilot who's short the 250 fixed wing hours required for R-ATP minimums?  We provide funding that can get you ready for the Trans States flight deck in as little as six weeks. 

Here's how it works: 

1.  A designated flight school will do an audit of your flying hours to determine how much fixed wing time you need. 
2.  Trans States pays the flight school directly for your training, up to $30,000. 
3.  You complete your training with the flight school as your schedule permits.
4.  Upon completion of R-ATP minimums, you become a Trans States Airlines First Officer.

To get started, email, or drop us a line via the form below.