CQFO Hiring Requirements

Instant Upgrades for Pilots Meeting 121 Captain Minimums

Immediate Class Dates Available

Here's how it works:

1.  Start training as a Captain Qualified First Officer and earn CQFO pay during training

2.  Upgrade in training and go through Captain IOE

3.  Bid a Captain line and earn Captain pay after passing IOE

  CQFO Qualifications

  • 1,750 hours total time
  • 1,000 hours multi-engine time
  • 1,000 FAR Part 121 time (Time can be a combination of Part 121 and Part 135 time.  Time for this qualification is considered on a case-by-case basis.)


In addition to the below hourly rates, CQFOs are eligible to earn a $29,000 signing bonus paid on the following schedule:

  • $17,500 upon completion of IOE
  • $7,500 after one year of service
  • $7,500 after two years of service

Year One CQFO Pay​ ​

​When Flying as a First Officer (training pay)

$50.82/Flight Hour (75 hour minimum monthly guarantee during training)

​​When Flying as a Captain

​ $64.74/Flight Hour

Captain Reserve & Seniority

New hire Captains can expect minimal reserve time.  Some new hire Captains will hold a line immediately upon completion of IOE. 

Most Junior Captains by Date of Hire​ ​